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  • New Zealand beat Australia to win Marriott London Sevens
  • England beat Kenya to finish third and sixth overall in the Series
  • Fiji win Plate, Wales beat France to win Bowl
  • Core qualifiers: Spain, Scotland and Portugal retain their core status for next year
New Zealand, Marriott London Sevens champions
New Zealand lift the Marriott London Sevens silverware at Twickenham. Photo: IRB/Martin Seras Lima.

41,125 people turned up to Twickenham today. Thanks to all of you who came to the London 7s over the weekend and for following along with the blog. It's been a long season and hopefully we will see you in Moscow! 


New Zealand head coach Gordon Tietjens: "We just took it one game at a time. Kenya twice was very very hard, even Australia we knew was going to be a tough one. We work really hard and you get a lot when you work hard. We have got a great team here and a lot of young players. Tim Mikkelson was simply simply outstanding. There will be no easy games in the world cup and we will go there and give it our best shot thats what keeps us going."


Congratulations to Series champions New Zealand who have won this year's London Sevens. Unbeaten throughout the tournament.


It's a final score for New Zealand as Tim Mikkelson gives the ball to Warwick Lahmert. Very selfless from Mikkelson who was in to score. Final score 47-12


TRY Australia. Junior Laloifi chips through and gathers to get a consolation score for his side. New Zealand 40-12 Australia


Score is New Zealand 40-5 Australia with three minutes to play


TRY New Zealand. Tim Mikkelson with a storming 80 metre run. Game over now for Australia. 


TRY New Zealand. Kurt Baker is scragged but he slips off the tackle and goes under the posts. New Zealand 28-5 Australia. Eight minutes left.


New Zealand 21-5 Australia at half time


TRY New Zealand. Sherwin Stowers benefits from a chip forward from Kurt Baker, which is collected by Tomasi Cama and then offloaded to Stowers. New Zealand 21-5 Australia


TRY Australia. Allan Fa'alava'au dives over the line from a couple of metres out. New Zealand 14-5 Australia


TRY New Zealand. Pita Ahki runs it in. New Zealand 14-0 Australia


TRY New Zealand. Another ridiculous dummy from Tim Mikkelson on the left wing, fools all the Australian defence and he then just burns them on the outside. New Zealand 7-0 Australia.


Now it's time for the final with New Zealand v Australia. It's Australia's first final at Twickenham since 2010, which they won. It's also their first final this Series.


Dan Norton, England Sevens, season top try scorer: "It's been up and down all year, but it is nice to finish on a high. Coming out of the first few tournaments we were down the bottom, so it is nice to have finished a lot higher. The players are there to help me get over the line, they create me the space and make it a lot easier for me."


England beat Kenya in the third place playoff. Final score: Kenya 19-26 England


But Willy Ambaka is quick to reply with two tries and Kenya are back in it. Kenya 19-26 England


Mike Ellery gets two tries in the space of 30 seconds and suddenly England are 26-7 ahead against Kenya

London Sevens - Fiji, Plate Winners
Fiji lift the Plate after beating USA in the Plate final at the London Sevens. Photo: IRB/Martin Seras Lima.

TRY England. Christian Lewis-Pratt on the loop to go down in the right-hand corner. Kenya 7-12 England 


It's Kenya 7-7 England in the third place playoff

London Sevens - Wales, Bowl Winners
Wales won the Bowl at the London Sevens. Photo: IRB/Martin Seras Lima.

Pedrol Leal, Portugal captain on requalifying: "It means the world for us, it is a dream. I am proud of the boys, but we played well and deserve to be back on the Series next season. We need to improve, for us it is difficult because some players play 15s and Sevens but it will be a big year next year."


Portugal rejoin the core teams after beating Russia 10-5. All three core teams have now re-qualified


TRY Portugal. Pedro Bettencourt gets the score with one minute left on the clock. Portugal 10-5 Russia


TRY Portugal. Diogo Miranda with the score after Aderito Esteves comes up just short after collecting a kick. Portugal 5-5  Russia 


Portugal 0-5 Russia


Setefano Cakau, Fiji captain, Plate winners: "I thank the boys for their hard effort, we want to win the Cup but we couldn't make it. We learn from our mistakes but we will regroup ready for the next tournament. After this tournament we made a lot of mistakes and I know the coaches will analyze that and when we get home we will make it better for the Rugby World Cup Sevens in Moscow."


Fiji claim the Plate, and now they look to get ready for the Rugby World Cup Sevens in Moscow.


TRY Russia. Victor Gresev with a great individual effort. Handed off three defenders and just kept bouncing off defenders down the left wing. Portugal 0-5 Russia


TRY USA. Carlin Isles scores by going round two defenders on the outside. His second touch of the weekend and his second try. Pace to burn. Fiji 14-5 USA


TRY Fiji. Setefano Cakau puts Fiji further in front. Conversion is good, Fiji 14-0 USA


Fiji 7-0 USA at half time


TRY Fiji. Donasio Ratubuli finishes off a long piece of play and goes under the posts. Fiji 5-0 USA


Now for the Plate final between Fiji and the USA


That's full time as Wales win the Bowl. Final score: Wales 19-7 France. Congratulations to Wales


TRY Wales. It's a hat-trick for James Davies as he slides in at the left corner. That's game over for France. Wales 19-7 France


TRY Wales. James Davies with his second try, set up well by Lee Williams. Wales 14-7 France


Wales go into the break all square with France, 7-7 at half time


TRY Wales. James Davis gets one back for Wales and now it's 7-7


TRY France. Baptiste Douillard cuts a great line on the switch to break through the Welsh defence and put France in front. Wales 0-7 France.


England Women beat Australia 36-7 to win the Womens Invitational final. Next up is the Bowl final between Wales and France


It's half time in the Womens Invitational final and England lead Australia 21-0


England Women face Australia Women now in the Sevens Invitational


Australia get a penalty for a side entry from England at the ruck and kick it out. Full time score: Australia 14-7 England. They will face New Zealand in the Cup Final


England get a penalty on the hooter


TRY Australia. It's Peter Schuster. Australia 14-7 England


England's John Brake is clean through but knocks on about two metres out. Certain try there.


TRY Australia. Allan Fa'alava'au bursts through from short range after a quick tap. Australia 7-7 England


Conversion is good so it's England 7-0 Australia


TRY England. It's, guess who, Dan Norton with his 50th try of the series. But Marcus Watson set that one up, ran most of the pitch and nearly made it but put a little kick through and Norton got on the end of it. Great try.


Full time as New Zealand progress to the Cup final. Final score: New Zealand 7-0 Kenya. Next up is Australia v England in the other Cup semi final.


Conversion is good. NZ 7-0 Kenya


TRY New Zealand. Pita Ahki gets the ball five metres out and steps inside his man to go over. Kenya defence was too stretched. 1m 40s left. 


Still 0-0 but NZ deep in Kenya half


It's 0-0 at half-time but Kenya have come close. Kenya have only made one tackle in that half. That's how one-sided it has been. Kurt Baker has put in a couple of great cover tackles.


The Cup semi final has now kicked off between Kenya and New Zealand


USA beat South Africa 22-5 to go through to the Plate final where they will play Fiji. The second time ever that USA have beaten SA - with yesterday being the first.


Half time in Plate semi final: USA 12-5 South Africa


USA now face South Africa in the other Plate semi final


Fiji Assistant Coach and Sevens legend Waisale Serevi: "It's been tough, lot of injuries, they didn start well in this tournament but had a good win there. They did not take opportunities against Kenya but that was a good win."


TRY Fiji. Watisoni Votu stretches his legs and powers through to put Fiji further ahead. Argentina 12-26 Fiji. 

London Sevens - Scotland
Scotland celebrate confirming their place as a core side on the 2013/14 HSBC Sevens World Series. Photo: IRB/Martin Seras Lima.

It's half-time here in the Plate semi final:  Argentina 12-19 Fiji

London Sevens - Spain celebrate
Spain coach and captain celebrate re-qualifying as a core team. Photo: IRB/Martin Seras Lima.

Colin Gregor, Scotland captain, on qualifying as a core side: "We are delighted, we normally talk about enjoying our rugby but today that's not been possible. But we rose to the occasion and we are back on the Series. It is horrendous being down here so we need to make sure we start the season properly, so tough summer ahead of us with the World Cup and then September, October, we're flying."


Scotland beat Russia 19-0 to confirm their place in the core team competition next year! Russia will face Portugal for one final spot


Russia 0-12 Scotland


TRY Scotland. It's Fedo again but it was a great break from Lee Jones who broke the defence and ran 50 m, then offloaded to Fedo. 


TRY Scotland. Michael Fedo managed to exploit a gap down the left-hand side. Russia 0-5 Scotland.


Now it's Russia v Scotland in the second core qualifier semi final. Winner gets core status so all to play for here.


Spain captain Pablo Feijoo on his side's core qualification: "It's amazing, I think that this year has been hard fo us, we lost many games and tried to fight every game. Portugal are a great team. The boys did really well and thank you to all the fans, thanks for trusting us because we are going to keep fighting."


TRY Spain! Carlos Blanco goes over just seconds after Goncalo Foro was given a yellow card for Portugal. Spain are given core status for next year. Congratulations to them.




Still 5-5 here with two minutes left to go between Spain and Portugal. It's getting tense.


TRY Spain. Spain have struck back through Jaike Carter who backs himself and turns on the pace on the left wing. Portugal 5-5 Spain


TRY Portugal. Goncalo Foro puts Portugal ahead, they now lead 5-0 against Spain


Now we switch to the Core Qualifier semi final. It's Spain v Portugal and the winner is guranteed core status in the 2012/13 HSBC Sevens World Series! Here we go!


20-year-old Jonathan Laugel speeds away from the Canadian defence from about 40 metres out. France 28-14 Canada


France get another through Julien Candelon. France 21-14 Canada. Two minutes remaining.


TRY France. It's all square now with Canada, 14-14


TRY Canada. Great romping run from Sean Duke, who manages to hand off Terry Bouhraoua. France 7-14 Canada at half time


And France are back in it with Steeve Barry. France 7-7 Canada


TRY Canada. Taylor Paris gets involved in some nice link-up play, which puts him through under the posts. France 0-7 Canada


That's the final whistle. Wales 21-12. Next up is France Canada in the other Bowl semi final


TRY Wales. Dafydd Howells finishes off a nice move across the pitch. It opened up nicely and was a simple finish in the end. Wales 21-12 Samoa.


TRY Samoa. Reupena Levasa is in at the corner, one arm stretched out to put it down. Wales 14-12 Samoa. 


TRY Samoa. Sani Niue scores. Wales 14-7 Samoa


TRY Wales. Chris Knight turns on the after burners and passes two defenders to score. Another great drop goal from Alex Walker. Wales 14-0 Samoa.


Wales lead Samoa 7-0 . Lee Williams with the score.


England Women's go through to the final against Australia in the sevens invitational. Now Wales are set to play Samoa in the Men's Bowl semi final.

London Sevens - Dan Norton
Dan Norton set Marcus Watson up to score the winning try of England's Cup quarter final against South Africa. Photo: IRB/Martin Seras Lima.

Cup semi finals:

New Zealand v Kenya

Australia v England


TRY England! Marcus Watson scores after a great break from Dan Norton. Final score: England 19-14 South Africa. They will play Australia in the Cup Semi Final.


England kicking off in extra time


Marcus Watson misses the kick from out right so it's now going to extra time. England 14-14 South Africa. First points scored will put the side through in sudden death in extra time. 


It's a penalty England with 10 seconds left. They are kicking for goal!


TRY England. Tom Powell pulls off an outrageous dummy in midfield and goes through under the gap. England with momentum in this half. England 14-14 South Africa.


England coach Ben Ryan telling his players to double ruck if necessary and take the wind out of their sails. Also to stay on plan and be a little bit tighter, with heads up in defence.


TRY England. It's that man Dan Norton again. There's a breakaway in midfield and with his first touch of the ball Norton scores. England 7-14 South Africa. 


TRY South Africa. Huge pressure in defence by South Africa and Cornal Hendricks pounces on a spilt pass to put his side up 14-0.


TRY South Africa. Stephan Dippenaar puts it down in the left corner. South Africa 7-0 England


Australia coach Michael O'Connor: "That was a fantastic game, two tries down in first half and we kept composure in second half. What a game. It's the biggest experience of their lives and we are in London one of the biggest cities in the world - a great experience."


Kenya's Humphrey Kayange after their win over Fiji: "Great win, we haven't beaten Fiji in the Series so this was really special for us. We are now psyched up for the match with New Zealand."


TRY Australia in the dying seconds! Final play of the game. James Stannard goes over, just, after some great defence from the USA. Final score: Australia 24-19 USA.


TRY USA. Awesome try from Nick Edwards. He backed himself against Cameron Clark and kept on going down the left wing, got tackled but just managed it. Great try there and it puts the USA back in front. Australia 17-19 USA.


TRY Australia. It's Holland again after a number of phases. He goes in from short range and shakes the tackle. Australia 17-14 USA.


TRY Australia. Lewis Holland goes over after a lovely loop pass from Peter Schuster. Australia 10-14 USA. Holland scored twice yesterday.


TRY Australia. Cameron Clark gets Australia back into it. USA still lead 14-5


Four tries on day one for Brett Thomspon, but Andrew Durutalo is the creator with a sensation offload to give the USA the lead 7-0.


And that's it. Kenya record a first victory over Fiji in the World Series. 20-7 and they will face NZ in the Cup semis. 


TRY Kenya. Oscar Ouma breaks through and offloads to Humphrey Kayange. Kenya 20-0 Fiji


TRY Kenya. Stunning individual effort from Oscar Ouma as he dummies and runs on the outside, too much pace to handle. Kenya 15-0 Fiji. 


TRY Kenya. Willy Ambaka goes over after some great work at the breakdown. Kenya 10-0 Fiji.


Lote Raikabula, NZ Sevens, on his 100 career tries: "It is awesome but the team work is important, they hook me up and I am just there putting the ball down. I can't remember my first but i think it might have been against the Cook Islands. I didnt think I'd score 100. It is so tough, the training is so tough, you just have to work hard keep fit and hopefully keep going."


TRY Kenya. Oscar Ouma shows his skill and pace again to put Kenya in front. Kenya 5-0 Fiji.


Final score is 52-7, a late try from Lucas de Vincenzi for Argentina getting them on the scoreboard. What a performance that was. Imperious stuff from the world champions. Hard luck to Argentina. Next up is Kenya v Fiji in the Cup Quarter Final.


Rocky Khan adds another for New Zealand. 47-0 now and a demoralising match for Argentina.


TRY New Zealand and that's 100 tries for Lote Raikabula and a hat-trick in this match. Great achievement. New Zealand 40-0 Argentina


Kurt Baker grabs his second of the match after breaking through some weak Argentina defence. New Zealand 33-0 Argentina.


Stephen Gemmell, Scotland coach: "Credit to the players, we had a pretty frank and honest meeting last week. They fronted up and showed what it meant, but one game down, one to go. If we play how we are capable of playing we will win. We have to approach it like any other game. You have to take out of the players mind what is at stake. The pleasing thing was we defended well, and that will be our focus against Russia."


Argentina under the cosh here as Sherwin Stowers jinks his way around the outside and outpaces the defence. New Zealand 28-0 Argentina at half-time


And it's another for New Zealand as Lote Raikabula goes over the whitewash. New Zealand 21-0 Argentina.


TRY New Zealand! Gillies Kaka with some great footwork in the midfield and he is through the gap., 14-0


TRY New Zealand! Sherwin Stowers makes a break and offloads to Kurt Baker, who chips ahead and collects the ball. New Zealand 7-0 Argentina.


Now we are into the Cup Quarter Final with New Zealand v Argentina. NZ were the only team to win all their games yesterday.


Final score: Scotland 31-0 Tonga. Scotland progress to the core qualifier semi final and will face Russia. 


That was a tense half of rugby as both sides know what's on the line. But it's Scotland who are in the lead 19-0. A yellow card for Tongan no.10 Saia Palei has not helped their chances.

Portugal beat Georgia in their quarter final and will face Spain in the semi finals of the qualifying tournament. Photo: IRB/Martin Seras Lima.

Vasily Artemyev, Russia: "We are trying to set up a foundation of Sevens and we have managed to keep our dream alive, we carry on and see who we face in the semi later on. We are slightly more experienced [than in 2012], a great coaching team with us, we just need to keep our composure now. It would be amazing, we have never had that status as a core team so it will be great, loads to look forward to even after the World Cup."

Full time score: Zimbabwe 7-26 Russia. Scotland v Tonga up next, a massive game for the Scots as they aim to remain in the core competition in the 2013/14 series.



It's Zimbabwe 0-14 Russia at half-time


Pablo Feijoo, Spain captain: "We knew it was a hard tournament and I think the boys are doing a great job. Hopefullly we win against Portugal and become a core side again. It is always against them, I think we are similar, sometimes we win, sometimes they win, so it will be a really hard match."


Hong Kong will not be featuring in next year's core competition after being beaten 29-14 by Spain. They will now face Portugal in the core qualifier semi-final! Next up is Zimbabwe v Russia in the core qualifier quarter final.


It's Spain 19-0 Hong Kong at half-time in the second core qualifier of the day. Spain have had a large chunk of possession and have been clinical in their opponents half. 


Pedro Leal, Portugal captain: "One down, now one win to go. This is the most important game, we didn't come for nothing but the next one is the most important one for us. Whichever team we get it doesn't matter, it is a big game for us."


Final score is: Portugal 17-5 Georgia. 

Gold Coast Sevens

Round 1
11-12 October 2014
Venue: Cbus Super Stadium
City: Gold Coast
Capacity: 27,400

2Samoa Samoa 19
4South AfricaSouth Africa15
5New ZealandNew Zealand13
  • Fiji v Samoa
  • Fiji Gold Coast Sevens Cup winners
  • Jerry Tuwai - Gold Coast Sevens
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