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  • Hosts England through to Cup Quarter Finals
  • Cup Quarter Finals: New Zealand v Argentina, Kenya v Fiji, Australia v USA and England v South Africa.
  • Portugal only undefeated side in core team qualifier. Quarter finals: Portugal v Georgia, Spain v Hong Kong, Zimbabwe v Russia and Scotland v Tonga

So now we know the Cup Quarter Finals for tomorrow and what a day it has been. We have had a record one day crowd here of.......wait for it........ 71898! Thanks to all of you who came along to Twickenham today and for following along with the blog today. Hope to see you tomorrow. Over and out.


Cup Quarter Finals:

New Zealand v Argentina

Kenya v Fiji

Australia v USA

England v South Africa



TRY England. Only a few seconds left though and it won't be enough. Final score is England 17-26 Argentina. Palma was excellent throughout the match with two tries.


TRY Argentina. Franco Sabato finds himself in acres of space on the left-hand side and it's now England 12-26 Argentina. One minute left to go. 


TRY England. Marcus Watson bolts through a gap and helps get England back into the match. England 12-19 Argentina.


England coach Ben Ryan says that England must get quicker ball away from the breakdown and that Argentina have a "pack of dogs" mentality. 


But it's not long until Diego Palma strikes back as an overlap develops. England 5-19 Argentina.  


Dan Norton burns up the turf again with a great run from just inside the Argentina half. As soon as the ball got into his hands the crowd sensed a try coming. England 5-14 Argentina.


It's another for Argentina. Dan Norton fails to gather a chip and eventually Ignacio Pasman goes over. Not a good start for the home side. 


And it's not a great start for England as Diego Palma gets onto a chip over the defence to go over. Chip and chase is working today and Argentina are now 7-0 up. 


So here comes the final match of the day with England v Argentina. England are looking to keep their unbeaten run today. New Zealand are the only other team today to keep a perfect record.


Emosi Mulevoro adds another try and at the final whistle it's 33-7 to Fiji. 


Gordon Tietjens, NZ coach, at end of day one: "We have a lot of new young players that have come into the side and they want to go the RWC so they want to do well. Every time we wear the black jersey we don't want to lose so there is a lot of motivation to do well. We believe we can win the tournament so we want to go for it. We all share the work load not relying on one or two people."


Fiji are straight into the scoring but it looked like a forward pass. Viriviri with the finish. Fiji 24-7 Samoa. 


Try for Samoa. Lolo Lui powers over the line dragging a Fijian defender with him. Fiji 17-7 Samoa. It's been all Fiji up until that moment.


Fiji continue to dominate their Pacific Island opponents. Joji Raqamate extends the lead to 17-0 and Samoa look in disarray. Just can't get their hands on the ball. 


Fiji break the deadlock in the all-Pacific affair in the penultimate match of the London Sevens


New Zealand not letting up as Gillies Kaka score another for a 45-5 final score against Wales. Series champions want a second Cup title this season,  but they haven't won at Twickenham since 2008. 


It's another try for NZ as Sherwin Stowers goes over having run the whole pitch. Wales look dejected and I am not surprised. New Zealand 33-0 Wales. 


Mike Friday, Kenya coach, on his side's progress today: "It has been surreal, I haven't been back as a coach since 2006, it is a fantastic tournament, to be pitch side it gives you a buzz, sense of passion and England are putting on a fantastic show.

"We have played two and a half good games of rugby. That seven minutes against New Zealand was a horror show. They are ruthless and put us to the sword in the second half. Good to be in the Cup though, that is the main thing."


TRY NZ. And time for one more before half-time thanks to David Raikuna. It's been a massive half for NZ and Wales have barely had the ball. New Zealand 26-0 Wales. 


TRY NZ. And now Tim Mikkelsen helps set up Sherwin Stowers as NZ look dominant. nz 19-0 Wales.


New Zealand add to their lead through Kurt Baker. NZ 17-0 Wales.


Now it's Wales v New Zealand in Pool B. NZ go over for an early try to make it 7-0


TRY Kenya. And that should do it. Willy Ambaka goes over to make it Canada 12-38 Kenya. Great peformance from the Kenyans. 


But there's an immediate repsonse from Kenya thanks to Oscar Ouma. A driving run extends the Kenyans lead to 24-12.


Seand Duke gets Canada back into it. Canada 12-19 Kenya.


Kenya coach Mike Friday at half-time telling his side to hit the wide spaces, win the breakdown and hold the defensive shape. Emphasis on winning the one-on-one hits.


TRY Kenya. A great lunge and stretch from that man Humphrey Kayange. Great final play of the first-half. Canada 7-19 Kenya.


TRY Kenya. Felix Ayange darts through and is nearly scragged before going over the line. Canada 7-14 Kenya


Andrew Amonde goes over for Kenya to make it Canada 7-7 Kenya


Core qualifier Quarter Finals:

Portugal v Georgia

Spain v Hong Kong

Zimbabwe v Russia

Scotland v Tonga 


Dan Norton scored a hat-trick against Samoa on day one of the Marriott London Sevens. 
London Sevens - Dan Norton
Photo: IRB/Martin Seras Lima.

Ed Jenkins, Australia Sevens, returning after seven month absence: "It was disappointing against South Africa to lose 5-0. We had to bounce back and we did. The legs are alright, bit heavy, the lactic acid is kicking in but I've had seven months to recover. We won our pool, but day two is a different day."


It's a dominant display from Australia who now go top of Pool A ahead of the USA. Final score: Australia 35-12 France. 


USA captain Matt Hawkins on his side's hopes in the tournament: "We knew we had Australia, we should have had them beat, but it was our fault. We're done with Bowls, we want to be in Cups and we knew it was on us and we just came out and proved our point. England is the home of rugby, it is a very special place, especially coming from the US where not a lot of people know about rugby, so for us to come here and play the rugby we do it is a great stage for us to put on a performance."


Lewis Holland goes over for Australia who have overcome a slow start to take the initiative in this match. Australia 21-7 France.


France are right back in it though through Terry Bouhraoua. Australia 7-5 France. 


TRY Australia. Cameron Clark with the 5 points. Conversion is good. Australia 7-0 France.


The USA currently top Pool A with 7 points from three games. Australia will now take on France in their Pool A clash. 


USA try-scorer Carlin Isles: "It gives us a lot of confidence to beat South Africa. We have worked as a team and keep on getting better and better. The guys have been working so hard."


It's that man Carlin Isles who was only on the pitch for 30 seconds. A huge moment for the US man. His first touch and he scores. Final score: South Africa 12- 19 USA. 


South Africa are back in it through Strydom, who finishes off a move started in their own 22. South Africa trailing 12-14 to USA. 


TRY USA. A cross kick is gathered by Andrew Durutalo who offloads to Brett Thompson. South Africa 5-14 USA. Nice play right there.


TRY South Africa. It was a foot race between Matt Hawkins and Chris Dry. Hawkins looked to have put it down over his own line but Dry just pipped him to it. South Africa 5-7 USA.


Try USA. Nick Edwards shows why he scored eight tries last week in Glasgow. Great skills. South Africa 0-7 USA. 


Fiji 24-0 Argentina. South Africa v USA up next. 


Fiji now 17-0 up thanks to Vatuinaruku. Looks like this game is wrapped up.


TRY Fiji. Samisoni Viriviri works with Joji Raqamate to carve through the Argentinian defence. Argentina 0-10 Fiji.


It's half-time between Argentina and Fiji. The Fijians lead 5-0 in their Pool C meeting. Who's your tip to top Pool C? Tweet @irbsevens with your thoughts.

Zimbabwe lost 21-14 to Scotland today in their Pool A match but beat Hong Kong 12-7 in their second encounter. Photo: IRB/Martin Seras Lima
World Series Qualifier - Jacques Leitao, Zimbabwe



England coach Ben Ryan after his side's win against Samoa: "We have to play well here. They are so noisy, it's been a delight to watch so many people in the crowd."


Final score is England 34-7 Samoa. That's 61 points in two games now for Ben Ryan's men. Next up is Argentina v Fiji in their Pool C.


Ben Gollings on commentary believes England are showing the right form ahead of the World Cup in Moscow


TRY England. It's Norton's hat-trick. Great stuff from the English speedster who bursts away from the Samoan defence. England 29-7 Samoa.


TRY Samoa. They are quick to reply to that first-half battering from England. Reupena Levasa makes it England 22-7 Samoa.


TRY England. Marcus Watson in at the left-hand corner. England 22-0 Samoa. England still haven't conceded a point yet today.


England grab a third with a great team try finished off by Jeff Williams. Rob Vickerman is involved as Williams kicks through and wins the foot race. England 17-0 Samoa.


TRY England. Norton again with an identical tactic, as he kicks over the top and goes over in the left-hand corner. England 12-0 Samoa.


TRY England. Great individual score from Dan Norton. He chips over the top on the Samoan 22 and collects the ball to score. England have now scored 1000 points this series. England 7-0 Samoa.


Almost time for England v Samoa. Teams now out on the pitch.


Paul John, Wales coach, on the prospect of facing New Zealand: "We've been starting well but teams usually come back against us so we need to control the games more. We have New Zealand later and they are champions for a reason, we need a performance against them and need to get rid of our errors."


It's a win for Wales over Canada, 17-14. That late tackle was key to stopping Canada and that late try from Adam Thomas was key. A small break now until England v Samoa - expect a physical encounter!


Great cover by Alex Walker there. A match-winning tackle on Jeffery Hassler in the corner who looked set to score.


TRY Wales. It's an easy run-in for Adam Thomas. Canada switch off in defence and the conversion is good. Wales 17-14 Canada. Is it too late for Canada?


TRY Canada. Sean Duke waits in the outside channel after some good work by Nanyak Dala. Wales 10-14 Canada.


Wales coach Paul John tells his players not to force it, keep the ball and maintain possession.


TRY Canada. Chauncey O'Toole takes advantage of some broken play in midfield to run in from the halfway line. Wales 10-7 Canada.


TRY Wales. Chris Knight adds to the score after some great work from Lee Williams in attack. Wales 10-0 Canada.


TRY Wales. Lee Williams is quick to get on the score sheet taking just under a minute to  get over the whitewash. Wales 5-0 Canada.


Well that was one great comeback from New Zealand. Now for Wales and Canada in Pool B. 


Full time and a final try for New Zealand. Baker is instrumental again, setting up the pass for Tim Mikkelson to go over. NZ 31-17 Australia.


And just like that New Zealand are running away with it. Kurt Baker again. NZ 26-17 Kenya.


It's another try for NZ! Kurt Baker almost slips over but balances and manages to run a try in under the posts. NZ 21-17 Kenya. 


Raikuna seems to be making amends for his earlier yellow card with two great tries.


Try NZ. Raikuna goes over again. NZ 17- 14 Kenya.


TRY NZ. New Zealand 7-17 Kenya. David Raikuna with the score.


"Don't Stop Believing" by Journey pumping out at half-time out of the speakers. Kenya certainly are believing they can win this one. 


Kenya coach Mike Friday tells his team at half-time to work as a team and contest the ball in contact. Finishes off telling them to back themselves.


TRY KENYA! It's Collins Injera with his 159th try. It's a complete romp so far as Kenya lead New Zealand 17-0. NZ look shellshocked out there.


A try is disallowed for Kenya as they knock it on over the try line. So close. 


TRY KENYA! Oscar Ouma gets onto a pass from Willy Ambaka and it's now New Zealand 0-12 Kenya. 


Kenya capitalise immediately through Andrew Amonde to make it New Zealand 0-7 Kenya.


Kenya break away and look like scoring but New Zealand's David Raikuna puts in a deliberate knock on and gets a yellow card. NZ down to six men.


TRY Australia. Peter Schuster goes over for the Australia in the corner. USA 15-19 Australia. Hard luck to USA but Luke Hume's yellow card made it tough for them in the dying seconds. Next up is New Zealand v Kenya.


Luke Hulme has been given a yellow card with seconds remaining. The ball bounced into his dead ball line and all he needed to do was put it down. He deliberately put it out and was given a yellow card. Penalty to Australia.


TRY Australia. Ed Jenkins latches onto a beautiful pass from Cameron Clark. USA 15-12 Australia.

Spain bounced back from a defeat to Tonga by beating Russia as they look to re-qualify as a core team on the Series. 
Photo: IRB/Martin Seras Lima.



TRY USA. It's hat-trick time for Brett Thompson. He had only scored two tries before this game and now he has three in one! USA 15-7 Australia


USA 10- 7 Australia. USA coach Alex Magleby says his side have got to use the offload more often to exploit the wide channels. 


TRY USA. Thompson again goes over again. Matt Hawkins counter-rucks the Australians on their own line after a loose lineout and then Thompson takes advantage. USA 10-7 Australia.


TRY Australia. Allan Fa'alava'au takes an inside ball and sprints over the line. Conversion is good. USA 5- 7 Australia


TRY USA! What a score from Brett Thompson. He broke tackles, fell over, got back to his feet and bundled over finally to put USA 5-0 up.


What a finish to that game. USA now face Australia in Pool A.


TRY! And it's that man again Cecil Afrika to win the game! France go down to six men and Afrika punishes them with great pace to run in from the half way line. Final score South Africa 17-14 France. 


Yellow Card for France. Vincent Deniau is sin-binned for a deliberate kncok-on and they are down to six men for the last minute.


Great try from Cecil Afrika just when South Africa needed it. Blistering pace and power to get them back in the game. South Africa 12-14 France. Five minutes to go.


TRY South Africa. That's what they needed before half-time. Cornal Hendricks with the try. SA 5-14 FRA. 


Another try for the French as Stephen Parez bursts away. France 14-0 South Africa.


It's a try for France thanks to Julien Candelon who shakes a few tackles to burst through under the posts. France 7-0 South Africa.


Full time between Portugal and Tonga. 12-7 the final score. Next up is South Africa v France in Pool A of the core competition. Who do you think will top Pool A? Tweet @IRBSevens with your predictions.


The beach balls are out in the crowd already. And an inflatable banana. And an inflatable crocodile. The fans are certainly loving the first day of the London 7s.


It's tight between Portugal and Tonga at half-time. 12-7.


TV commentator Ben Gollings:"Russia now need to pick them selves up and learn from this, all eight teams head through to the quarters on day two where it will be knock out, but you can take a lot from day one into it."


Spain lead Russia 12-7 at half-time in game 7 of the core qualifiers.


Scotland get their act together in the second-half with a strong display to beat Zimbabwe 21-14. Zimbabwe nearly went over for a score but it was deemed a forward pass. 


It's all hands on deck for Scotland as they go into half-time 7-14 down to Zimbabwe, who have looked dangerous all game so far. Besides a late score from Michael Fedo the Scots have not looked too threatening.


Rowan Varty, Hong Kong captain, after his side's win over Georgia: "It was nice to get the win there against Georgia; another physical game as was Zimbabwe. We're focusing on qualifying as a core team, but it is an honour to have been selected to play against the Lions for the Barbarians."


Pool B core qualifier between Scotland and Zimbabwe not taking place at Twickenham.


Rain has started to fall at Twickenham. Just a light sprinkling though. Certainly not enough to put off the thousands of Safari animals throughout the stands here. They are here for the long haul.


Hong Kong beat Georgia 17-12 in their core qualifier at Twickenham. For all the results go to:http://irbsevens.com/destination/edition=8/qualifying.html


Hong Kong lead Georgia 17-0 in their Pool A qualifier. HK in control and looking dangerous.

Andrew Durutalo scored one of USA's tries in their 19-17 victory against France this morning in their Pool A clash
Photo: IRB/Martin Seras Lima.


Tom Mitchell in action during England's 27-0 win at home against Fiji. 
London Sevens - Tom Mitchell, England



England coach Ben Ryan: "We had a plan this weekend and it is all around the basics and you have to execute against a side like Fiji. They are an excellent side but we just played very well in that first game. We are worried about our second game against Samoa, but everything will look after itself if we put in 14 minutes like that."


Dan Norton, leading try scorer, England Sevens:"It's been an up and down season and we said we wanted some consistency for these last two tournaments. It's great to have the support at home and we just want to show them how good we are. We knew it would be a tough day with three of the top four sides but it's amazing to be here."


Mike Ellery is deceptively quick and adds his sixth of the Series. The home boys are clearly up for this....27-0 with the conversion to come


That's another try for England as Dan Norton shows his blistering pace on the left-hand side. Bit of a mis-match against Fijian forwards but it's now England 22-0 Fiji. 


And there's his hat-trick!!! Williams on the outside again as a shellshocked Fiji go down 15-0 at half-time. England firing on all cylinders here at Twickenham.


It's another try for Jeff Williams. Patient play from England as quick hands helps the ball along the line. England 10-0 Fiji.  As shown in previous games, keep the ball away from the Fijians and you nullify that great attacking threat they pose. 


Christian Lewis-Pratt nearly gets in at the corner but is taken into touch. Good possession by England.


And it's a try for Jeff Williams as England get on the scoreboard early on. ENG 5-0 FIJI. Great pace on the outside.


Here come the hosts as England prepare for their battle against Fiji. Atmosphere rocking. 


What a finish! Facundo Garrido puts his head down and smashes through a gap and past two Samoan defenders. Just touches it down but that's it, Argentina 10-7 Samoa. Great game.


Argentina on the Samoa 22. 40 seconds to go. Still ARG 5-7 SAM


Afa Aiono shows some good footwork for a big man as he jinks over for Samoa. Crucially the conversion goes over also. Argentina 5-7 Samoa. 


Try-saving tackle on the break of half-time! Tom Iosefo looks set to touch down for Samoa but the ball is knocked out of his hands as he goes to put the ball down. Argentina still 5-0 up.


Argentinian defence holds strong against the physical Samoans and it pays off as Valentin Cruz puts the Pumas out in front. Argentina 5-0 Samoa.


Argentina and Samoa are now out in the sunshine here at Twickers for their Pool C clash.  


A final flourish from New Zealand's Trinity Spooner-Neera makes it 24-7 at full-time. The New Zealanders showing just why they have won 11 series in 14 years.  


New Zealand are piling on the pressure with a try from Kaka. 19-7 now to NZ with 10 seconds left.


We hear there are train loads of safari animals on the way to Twickenham. The stand are already filling up. I can see Tigers, Lions and something resembling a bear. Only at the London Sevens....

Gold Coast Sevens

Round 1
11-12 October 2014
Venue: Cbus Super Stadium
City: Gold Coast
Capacity: 27,400

2Samoa Samoa 19
4South AfricaSouth Africa15
5New ZealandNew Zealand13
  • Fiji v Samoa
  • Fiji Gold Coast Sevens Cup winners
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