Highlights Of Inaugural Cape Town Sevens

The social media world agreed in unison that the second leg of the HSBC Sevens World Series 2015 was a huge success. In the inaugural Cape Town Sevens, hosts South Africa won the title for the third consecutive time on their home soil. The stadium was jam-packed and the fans had a great deal of aspects to relish.

Brown Reaches a Milestone

South African stalwart Kyle Brown who has been playing for the national team since the 2008-09 series recorded his 50th tournament in Cape Town. After Blitzboks’ win against Zimbabwe, both the teams lined up and clapped when Kyle was walking off the pitch.

In Argentina’s Changing Rooms

Santiago Gomez Cora, head coach of Argentina, allowed World Rugby to enter the changing rooms of the players in order to provide an insight as to how his boys warm up before a match. It looked as though something is working right for them as the team made it to the final for the first time under Gomez Cora. As a team, Argentina made it to the final for the first time since 2009.

De Villiers Makes It To Cape Town Sevens

Jean De Villiers, fresh from international retirement, made an appearance at the Cape Town Sevens. He said that players have to be at their very best as the brutal game involves non-stop running for 14 minutes and a lot of contacts in between.

Jam-packed Stadium

The Cape Town stadium was jam-packed with spectators on both days of the tournament. As many as 110,000 fans, in total, participated in the inaugural tournament.

South Africa Wins

South Africa recorded their third consecutive title win at home. The team got to the final of the inaugural Cape Town Sevens and beat Argentina in style with a score of 29-14. The press, present in droves, recorded the proceedings and the fans enjoyed every minute of the tournament.