Sevens Uncovered: Fiji's Setefano Cakau

(IRB.COM) Tuesday 19 March 2013
 Sevens Uncovered: Fiji's Setefano Cakau
Setefano Cakau will miss this weekend's Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens

Fiji will be without their injured captain Setefan Cakau for rounds six and seven of the HSBC Sevens World Series in Hong Kong and Tokyo.

However, with the return of individuals such as Osea Kolinisau, Fiji will be hoping they can successfully defend their Hong Kong title and climb up the Series standings.

So far this season, Fiji have used 30 players, including 19 debutants, and despite sitting fourth in the World Series standings, they have not been able to kick-on from their Cup victory in the season opener in Australia.

Cakau, however, will be watching on from home - a place where Sevens shines like a beacon.

"For us Sevens is a given talent," admitted Cakau.

"When a boy is given a ball at a young age he knows how to use it. After school we used to use empty water bottles to play with. It is like a given talent, Sevens Rugby in Fiji."

Sevens Uncovered: Setefano Cakau

For years Cakau managed a dual life as prison warden and a national hero in Sevens. For all of the new players that have played in the team, that experience has been passed down, and is what Fiji will miss this weekend.

"I started playing Sevens in 2000 and then joined the Fiji Sevens in 2002," said Cakau.

"I used to play like a boy before gaining knowledge, confident and experience. In Fiji it is difficult to become a national representative.

"For me it was the best moment for me when I moved to national level. It is a big memory for my family and my village. For them the first time they heard I was captain they were all very proud of me.

"When I am on the field I don't want to lose, we know it is not good if we lose the game so for me it motivates me to keep on moving forwards."

This weekend Fiji face pool matches with, but what is it about Fiji that excites the crowds wherever they go around the circuit?

"We have our own style of rugby in Fiji," added Cakau.

"We put patterns there to guide us because sometimes it is hard for us to follow the patterns. We have lots of individuals coming up, players with footwork, good stepping and speed and for them to do it at international level it is quite amazing to see that."

Hong Kong Sevens

Round 6
27-29 March 2015
Venue: Hong Kong Stadium
City: Hong Kong
Capacity: 40,000

Pool A
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Pool D
  • DJ Forbes, NZ
  • Tom Mitchell of England
  • NZ win HK Sevens