Wellington Sevens: Reaction

(IRB.COM) Saturday 8 February 2014
 Wellington Sevens: Reaction
Kenya won all three matches on day two to win the Bowl in Wellington

New Zealand coach Sir Gordon Tietjens: "To bounce back and have no tries scored against us after losing to Fiji was really pleasing. It was a case today of making no mistakes and we coped brilliantly. I think we will still be fighting it out with South Africa to the end now."

Kiwi captain, DJ Forbes: "What a better place to beat South Africa after five straight losses, we really wanted that. For all the fans who turned out in this weather, we thank you. It was a real gutsy performance, we had a little chat from Jonah Lomu in the changing room and that really geed us up."

A jubilant Australian captain, Ed Jenkins, Plate winners: "I'm over the moon, To be down 10-0 against such a good side is really pleasing. It's a tough stadium and we don't get much support here. Possession and territory is key now and not being turned over the whole time."

Collins Injera, Kenya captain, Bowl winners: "It feels good, after our day one, it wasn't quite what we wanted. We focussed, we wanted three wins and we got three wins. It is different this year, we just need to keep adapting and ticking the boxes. If we do we will come a long way. It it is why I am in the team, I still have the strength and speed to do it."

Carlin Isles, USA's top try scorer in Wellington: "We are happy, we are pleased on day two. Not exactly how we wanted it to go, but always good to get the win. I am having a great time, I love this sport, I love Rugby and it is a blessing to me, of course I will be in Tokyo. The more time I get to play, the better. I love inspiring people and I love what it has done to me and my team."


Santiago Gomez Cora, Argentina coach, on reaching the Cup quarter finals: "The first target is to get to the Cup quarter finals and we have done that so we are very happy to do that. The rain makes you change the entire way you play. Our team is trying to play very open and wide, but it is difficult to pass the ball and open the field, but it is impossible so we had to change all our ideas to just keep the ball and stay close."

On the Olympic qualification process: "It was awesome, for us, if Brazil is going directly we have a big opportunity to go with them and for the women's too. Brazil can be a great side in a few years, so it is great for them to have space to go to the Olympics."

Geraint John, Canada coach, on reaching the Cup quarter finals: "The big thing we wanted to do was pick up where we left off in Las Vegas. Very pleasing and also nice to ease Sean, Nathan and Ciaran back in. They have been out for a while so it is important for us to do that."

On the Olympic qualification process: "I think everyone knew, and us and USA our aim is to get in the top four. But we have another chance, we have our qualifier and as everyone says they are looking forward to that USA v Canada final, so I am sure everyone else will enjoy, but maybe not so much for the coaches. Our goal is to keep planning ready for that qualification process."

Paul Treu, Kenya Sevens coach on a disappointing day one: "Disappointing day, this is not where we want to be. Two rounds in a row where we didn't qualify for the Cup, but I think there are lessons for the players. Our error rate, it is incredible to think, we can't play without the ball and sometimes we have it and give it straight away. But valuable lessons learnt, and I am glad we could finish the day on a high."

On the Olympic qualification process: "It is going to be tough, with Brazil as the host team there are only 11 spots left. The Series next year will be hotly contested but it will be hugely exciting and it is all to play for. Most teams would like to finish in the top four, and we would rather not go through the regional route. But this is why we play this season, and why we play next season, there isn't going to be a bigger event than the Olympics and we all want to be a part of it. Every single team is going to go all out and make sure they are part of the spectacle."

Wellington, New Zealand

Round 4
6-7 February 2015
Venue: Westpac Stadium
City: Wellington
Capacity: 36,000

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  • South Africa's Philip Snyman is tackled by NZ
  • Sherwin Stowers
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