Tokyo 7s analysis Pool A: NZL, CAN, WAL, POR

(IRB.COM) Wednesday 19 March 2014
 Tokyo 7s analysis Pool A: NZL, CAN, WAL, POR
Simple stats: So far this season New Zealand have scored the most tries and conceded the least

With the help of the IRB's Game Analysis department, we look at how the four teams in Pool A - New Zealand, Canada, Wales and Portugal - are playing the game so far this season..

New Zealand - @nz7s
Rd 1 - Australia: 1st
Rd 2 - Dubai: 3rd
Rd 3 - South Africa: 2nd
Rd 4 - USA: 2nd
Rd 5 - NZ: 1st
Series rank: 1st (up from 2nd)

IRB Game Analysis Department says: New Zealand have scored the most tries per game (4.4) whilst conceding the least (1.1), so it's not surprising that they are top of the Series. They have the third-highest average possession time (4'04) and score a try every 56 seconds of that possession. They have the highest rate of turnovers won per game (4.1 in general play and 1.8 at tackle/ruck/maul) and a low rate of turnovers lost per game (2.9 in general play and 1.0 in the contact area). In terms of their style of play, they have the third lowest rate of taking the ball into contact (one tackle/ruck/maul every 32.4 seconds of possession), and when they do take the ball into contact they retain possession 81% of the time - the third highest ratio.

Canada - @rugbycanada
Rd 1 - Australia: Bowl runners-up 10th
Rd 2 - Dubai: Bowl SF
Rd 3 - South Africa: Shield runners-up 14th
Rd 4 - USA: 3rd
Rd 5 - NZ: Plate runners-up (6th)
Series rank: 9th (up from 11th)

IRB Game Analysis Department says: Canada have the sixth-highest average tries scored per game (2.9), but the seventh-highest tries conceded (3.0). They are the masters of grinding out tight wins, though, often coming from behind. 47% of their victories have been won by a margin of five points or less, and 50% of their losses have been by 10 points or less. The strength of their combined forward power means they are third only to South Africa and New Zealand in possession retention at the tackle/ruck/maul (81%).

Wales - @welshrugbyunion
Rd 1 - Australia: Cup QF
Rd 2 - Dubai: Plate runners-up 6th
Rd 3 - South Africa: Bowl SF
Rd 4 - USA: Bowl SF
Rd 5 - NZ: Bowl SF
Series rank: 11th (down from 10th)

IRB Game Analysis Department says: Wales are currently 11th in the Series, which seems to be largely down to their porous defence. They are the eighth-best in terms of points scored per game (17.4) but third-worst of the 15 core teams in terms of average points conceded (22.1). In terms of how they approach the game, the quality of Rhys Jones's drop-kicking is key, allowing them to contest 82% of their own restarts, of which they retain 43%. Also on the plus side for coach Gareth Williams, they are the side least likely to concede a turnover in general play (2.8 per game) but most likely to concede a turnover at the tackle/ruck/maul (1.5 per game); and they are also the most disciplined team in the series, conceding just 2.8 penalties or free-kicks, including just 2.0 at the tackle/ruck/maul per game.

Portugal - @portugalrugby
Rd 1 - Australia: Shield runners-up
Rd 2 - Dubai: Bowl runners-up 10th
Rd 3 - South Africa: Cup QF
Rd 4 - USA: Shield SF
Rd 5 - NZ: Shield SF
Series rank: 13th (same)

IRB Game Analysis Department says: Of all the sides, Portugal have the second-lowest try count (1.9 per game) and the second-highest in the tries conceded column (4.3). This may be down to the fact that they are the team most likely to concede turnovers in general play (4.3 per game) and third most likely to concede turnovers at tackle/ruck/maul (1.2 per game), retaining on only 72% of their own ball at the tackle/ruck/maul. 68% of tries conceded by Portugal have originated from a conceded penalty, free-kick or a lost turnover.

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