Glasgow Sevens: Reaction

(IRB.COM) Sunday 5 May 2013
 Glasgow Sevens: Reaction
USA players celebrate confirming their core team status for the 2013/14 HSBC Sevens World Series

All the best reaction from the Emirates Airline Glasgow Sevens.

Paul Delport, South Africa (Cup winners)
"So proud of the boys, everyone stood up this weekend. Our preparation wasn't great this weekend, lots of injuries, but especially for Seabelo [Senatlia] and Justin [Geduld], to give them a send off, they are off the U20s, they were two of our stars this weekend.

"It means a lot [to beat New Zealand]. Once you get to the top teams, it used to be three or four, but now it is like eight, and to come out on top of that is just extra special."

Paul Treu, South Africa coach (Cup winners):
"I think looking back at the season we had our highs and our lows, but it is just good for us to come back and finish the season on a high. We are almost going to be the only team to win three tournaments up and until now. We had some bad moments, but those bad moments were needed to make up for our results towards the end of the season and to give credit to our guys and those back home for having the faith and the belief in the team that we could stay the distance."

Sean Maitland, Scotland and British & Irish Lions wing: "It has been great, Glasgow has really turned the weather on for the Sevens. It has been nice to see some running rugby from all these countries. It is good to see (New Zealand win another title). I know a couple of boys in the team and Gordon Tietjens has been running the New Zealand machine for a while and they know how to win championships. Awesome for those boys to win the championship in Glasgow and hopefully we will see some more championships in the future.

"It (Sevens in New Zealand) is really popular, especially with Sevens becoming an Olympic sport it is going to add that much more to the sport and I think in the future guys will probably have to choose either rugby Fifteens or Sevens so it is starting to become like that. It is great. I haven't played Sevens but I would love to get out there and try and give it a go."

Gordon Tietjens, after winning 11th World Series title:
"It means a lot, we set two targets at the beginning of the season, to win the World Series, and the World Cup. We've had a lot of new players and I am pleased for them. To win with one round to go too is extra pleasing. A lot of credit goes to the team, they've committed a lot and it's an awesome feeling. We had nine new players in Hong Kong and we are building a depth which is now required on this World Series. But we now want to win here, we won it last year and we want to win it back."

Ben Ryan, England coach, (third place finishers): "We can get a lot better. In the semi final we made three or four unforced errors and that gave them the game, thought we could have got through it but it wasn't to be and we need to keep building on this. It's just good to get some momentum. Wales have been outstanding all year, Paul John does an outstanding job."

Matt Hawkins, USA captain, Plate winners:
"After we qualified for the quarters I said we are actually on the way up. We play some good rugby, and that is what we want to do and we want to get better. Obviously we would have liked to make the semis but we have the Plate. Now we have to big again next weekend. The World Cup that is the one we are coming for and for us we think we can take pretty much anyone just we have to get it right on the day. There was a lot of emotion yesterday so it was tough to get up this morning and it showed in the first game. But we had a look in the mirror and said we had to make it count, and we did against Fiji and here so great to finish off like this."

Michael O'Connor, Australia coach (Bowl winners):
"Three pretty tough matches today, beating Samoa in the semi and then Kenya in the final. We played Kenya in the Bowl in Vegas and they didn't play like that. Most of our squad are under 20 and hopefully down the track we'll get some pay back. We nearly beat Fiji on day one but we went the right way today and I am really proud of them."

Vasily Artemyev, Russia (Shield runners-up):
"This was really a big kind of building brick for us and we are really looking forward to Twickenham next weekend, it's really important for us in terms of qualifying for the following year's World Series. Obviously we didn't start very well against the US but we came within a grasp of all the games we lost, a lot of positives and hopefully we can sort out those mistakes, take them out of our game and we should win games.

"Playing in this tournament is huge, just huge for us. It was either playing all these tough matches and really gelling together as a squad or being elsewhere in a training camp. This is huge for us, unfortunately we didn't get the best result we hoped for but we are really looking forward to next week. It's been a great event here, great atmosphere, a great crowd.

South Africa's Paul Delport, after beating England in the Cup semi-final:
"It was a fantastic win, we went back to basics and it is great to be in our third final of the season. We feel we used our get out of jail card yesterday against Canada, but we can now look forward to the final. The young guys are great, when we have players like Kyle, and Branco and Mark at home, what these guys bring is great. Unfortunately we will lose them next week as they go to the U20 JWC but at 19-years-old to be delivering what they do is great."

Ben Ryan on facing SA in Cup semis:
"The team is growing. We have to make sure we strike the fatal blow, we have to keep converting [chances] into points and stay switched on in defence. They [South Africa] will always try something different to unlock us. It's a great team we're playing in the semi finals and we've just got to stay in the moment."


Tim Mikkelson, New Zealand captain, on closing in on an 11th Series title:
"Definitely that's the exciting thing about it.  But Argentina, you never know what they will bring, they have a lot of flair and passion in their jersey and it will be a tough game to win."

Paul Treu, South Africa coach, Cup quarter finalists:
"The way the guys stuck at it, I take my hat off to them, they showed great character and we are happy to be in the quarter-finals. They [next opponents USA] have everything to play for but we do as well. They [his players] are playing for themselves and South Africa and I am sure they are going to make us proud."

Mat Hawkins, USA Sevens captain, Cup quarter finalists:
"We talked about it before, we just needed to put ourselves in the best position we can and after that we see how it pans out. Now it is up to Scotland, we did what we needed to do. I think there is a lot of joy, we knew we had this in us all season. Japan was a big step for us and now we just need to keep building. It is huge for us to remain as a core team, huge for the programme. We want this for Rugby in America. It is important we are a team, to do well at Rugby World Cup Sevens. It is on our shoulders to carry that, we know that, but we enjoy that."

Geraint John, Canada coach, Cup quarter finalists:
"It [the close matches] shows the quality of the teams. It wasn't our greatest start against Samoa but to come back like we did against them, some people would say we were probably quite lucky, but you make your own luck. We won those restarts to win, and I thought we were unlucky against South Africa. But three physical games there."

Paul John, Wales coach, Pool D winners: "Very satisfying, topped the pool which was always potentially tough with USA having so much on it, we always have tough games with France, and Russia are improving. Hopefully we can look forward to tomorrow though and see what we have got. It is nice the boys can relax a little bit not being part of the danger zone but we still want to achieve and fulfill out potential."

Stephen Gemmell, Scotland coach, on facing the qualifier tournament in London to remain a Series core team for next season:
"It's massively disappointing but credit to the USA, they did what they needed to do and we underperformed today and we have just said that as a group. We now have nine games left to save our future and that starts tomorrow. I'm not interested in saying that starts next weekend. We showed glimpses but were not consistent enough and so we have to go into next weekend and deal with the reality of the situation we are in. We can't do anything else.

"We showed glimpses but were not consistent enough and so we have to go into next weekend and deal with the reality of the situation we are in. We can't do anything else. We have got to get ourselves out of it. We have to believe if we play as we are capable of doing then results will all take care of themselves."

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