Dubai Sevens: Men's Reaction

(IRB.COM) Friday 30 November 2012
 Dubai Sevens: Men's Reaction
Nathan Hirayama helped Canada reach the Cup quarter finals in Dubai

Pedro Leal, Portugal Sevens, on defeating England to secure a Cup quarter final berth: "I am very happy, very proud of the boys. We had a terrible game in Australia, we came here with young guys and we made it so we are very pleased. Two years ago we beat England too, but we didn't make the Cup quarters, here we have so we are very very happy."

Nanyak Dala, Canada Sevens captain, after reaching Cup quarter finals:
"It is really special, we haven't had too many of these so we will cherish it and look forward to day two. Now that we are back as a core team we are working hard to show what we can do when we get a chance to get on the circuit.

"We are going to be giving it a go on day two, playing hard and hopefully upsetting a lot more teams. He [Nathan Hirayama] has probably been on more tours than most. He has a cool calm head, he always steps up to the mark so it is good to have him back."

Paul Treu, SA coach, on failing to reach the Cup: "We don't prepare to go the Bowl, it is a big disappointment. Firstly losing Branco and then our captain, and then to go into the Bowl, we don't work this hard to play on that side of the draw. We have to go out there now and take as many positives as possible and get this over and done with."

Faamoni Lalomilo, Samoa coach: "We prepare for this day and I think it is very hard for us, but thankfully we made the Cup quarter for tomorrow. Today has gone though, so we need to prepare for the first match tomorrow. With the preparation for the Olympics all the teams are competitive. Every game is tough now."

Kurt Baker, NZ Sevens: "We are not as pleased as we would like to be at the end of day one but we are through to the top side of the draw so hopefully we can lift our game for tomorrow. I have always loved the Sevens side of things, I am looking forward to the World Series especially here in Dubai." 

Setefano Cakau, Fiji captain, on going unbeaten on day one: "It is a good game, we know that Kenya defend well, but I thank the boys that we worked together and could win the last game this afternoon. I know we have a lot of new boys, but we enjoy our stay and the game so far because we have beaten every team, so we are looking forward for tomorrow's game.

Paul Delport, Blitz Bokke, after 19-10 victory against England: "Two years ago you wouldn't think of playing a quality team like England first on day one. Just glad to get through it. There are 10 teams that could win a tournament and we just take it one game at a time, and any win is a win." 

Olympic Gold medalist, Bradley Wiggins, on the Dubai Sevens: "It is brilliant and a great set up. A good laugh, good to see some of the legends out there. It is quick, and a great spectator sport. Anything that goes in to the Olympics it increases numbers and popularity naturally.

TV commentator, Scott Hastings, on the Dubai Sevens: "It is a wonderful occasion. Sevens is about the party on and off the pitch. But some of the play on the pitch and the excitement of this new Olympic sport is fantastic."

Dubai Sevens

Round 2
5-6 December 2014
Venue: 7he Sevens
City: Dubai
Capacity: 50,000

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